Mohican Revises Plan for Burnhamthorpe and Mill Rental Tower

In August, 2019 UrbanToronto reported on a proposal for a 19-storey residential rental building project in Etobicoke, just east of the Toronto-Mississauga border. Just over a year later, and after incorporating feedback from City Staff, site owner Mohican Holdings has made revisions to the Zoning By-law Amendment application.

340 Mill Road, Etobicoke, designed by Quadrangle Architects for Mohican Holdings.New rendering of the proposed building. View from xxx. Image courtesy of Quadrangle Architects.

Mohican is seeking to redevelop the southerly portion of the Burnhamthorpe Road site with an infill building on the location of an existing surface parking lot, adjacent to a 19-storey building constructed in 1970s. Designed by Quadrangle, the proposed 60.9-metre high addition to the site has a 5-storey podium above which is a 14-storey tower element. It adds a total of 17,289 m² of gross floor area such that, combined with the area of the existing building, will result in a total FSI of 3.27 times the area of the lot. The proposed building consists of 191 purpose-built rental units, comprising 105 (55%) one-bedroom, 52 (27%) two-bedroom, and 34 (18%) three-bedroom units.

340 Mill Road, Etobicoke, designed by Quadrangle Architects for Mohican Holdings.Overview of the subject site (highlighted in red) at the intersection of Burnhamthorpe Road and Mill Road, where there is an established cluster of residential buildings ranging in height from 12 – 22 storeys. Image via Google Maps.

The property has been designed to function as an integrated development. The two buildings will be connected via an underground four level garage, which will accommodate 425 new vehicular parking spaces, serving both buildings. The new 764 m² of indoor and outdoor amenity space –including gym, patio, lawn, pet relief area– will be available to both the new and the existing tenants. 144 new bicycle parking spaces are proposed.

340 Mill Road, Etobicoke, designed by Quadrangle Architects for Mohican Holdings.(L) Proposed view towards Etobicoke Creek from sidewalk on Mill Road. (R) Proposed ground floor. Image courtesy of Quadrangle Architects.

The revised submission includes detailed shadow analyses, view studies to the Etobicoke Creek, a revised landscape plan, and revised architectural drawings and renderings. Refinements to the original proposal include revisions to address wind comfort conditions, conveyance requirements of the Toronto Region Conservation Authority of land along the ravine, and building design modifications, including revisions to the southeast entrance, to the podium massing, and alterations to elevations to provide better energy performance.

The proposal will improve the landscaping and enhance the pedestrian environment both on the site and that of the public realm along both Burnhamthorpe Road and Mill Road. In the context of the proposed development, the owner is agreeable to maintain the 225 existing rental dwelling units as rental housing units for at least the next 20 years.  

340 Mill Road, Etobicoke, designed by Quadrangle Architects for Mohican Holdings.New rendering of the proposed building. The buildings within the immediate context, including the existing building, are of the slab and ‘tower in the park’ typology. Image courtesy of Quadrangle Architects.

You can learn more from our Database file for the project, linked below. If you’d like to, you can join in on the conversation in the associated Project Forum thread, or leave a comment in the space provided on this page.

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