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Today’s Daily Photo removes us above the Royal Ontario Museum for a view relating to Toronto‘s Bloor-Yorkville skyline. Developed by Forum contributor Jasonzed , this situation drone shot looks east over the museum towards the quick-developing neighbourhood skyline.

Daily Photo, <a href=Toronto, skyline, Downtown” class=”image-display_default” data-entity-type=”file” data-entity-uuid=”insert-display_default-f0d145f0-7f12-4a8e-bb23-9b33f54a0c3a” data-insert-attach=”"id":"f0d145f0-7f12-4a8e-bb23-9b33f54a0c3a","attributes":"alt": ["alt","description"] ,"title": ["title"] ” data-insert-class=”image-display_default” data-insert-type=”image” src=”https://cdn.skyrisecities.com/sites/default/files/images/articles/2021/03/44536/44536-131588.png” title=”Toronto’s Bloor-Yorkville skyline, image by Forum contributor Jasonzed” /> Toronto‘s Bloor-Yorkville skyline, appearance by Forum contributor Jasonzed

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