Setting sun at The Well

Our first Daily Photo once again for 2021, today’s shot includes sunset view over the construction world-wide-web site of The Well at Toronto‘s  Spadina and Front intersection. Captured manufactured by Forum contributor AHK , this shot shows this mixed-use complex’s office tower mirroring the setting sun.

Daily Photo, <a href=Toronto, skyline, Downtown” class=”image-display_default” data-entity-type=”file” data-entity-uuid=”insert-display_default-c5365b06-7cdb-4c1a-b52a-f0c1c5699209″ data-insert-attach=”"id":"c5365b06-7cdb-4c1a-b52a-f0c1c5699209","attributes":"alt": ["alt","description"] ,"title": ["title"] ” data-insert-class=”image-display_default” data-insert-type=”image” src=”” title=”Sunset at The Well, image by Forum contributor AHK” /> Sundown at The Well, image by Jonction contributor AHK

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