Choosing Between Townhouses and Single-family Homes:

A Real Estate Investment Comparison in Burlington, ON 2023

Real estate is a significant investment that involves careful consideration of multiple factors. Choosing between townhouses and single-family homes can be a challenging decision for many prospective homeowners. Both offer great benefits and are popular options for buyers in Burlington, ON in 202To aid you in your decision-making, we compiled a comparison of townhouses and single-family homes.

Price Differences

One of the most crucial factors that influence the buyer’s decision is the price difference between townhouses and single-family homes. Typically, townhouses are more affordable compared to single-family homes in Burlington, ON in 202The team reported the median price for a townhouse in Burlington, ON in 2023 is $569,000, while single-family homes’ median price is $995,000.


Maintenance is another key factor to consider when making a home investment decision. Townhouses require lower maintenance as they’re smaller in size and can be managed easily. Single-family homes, on the other hand, require more time, effort, and money for maintenance as they have more outdoor space and higher chances of developing technical issues.

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Space is another distinguishing factor that differentiates townhouses and single-family homes. Single-family homes offer larger living space, more outdoor areas and often accompany a backyard space, giving more opportunities for customisation. Townhouses, on the other hand, offer smaller living space, only individual outdoor areas such as porches, balconies, or patios.


Privacy is another factor to consider for a prospective homeowner. Single-family homes offer more privacy, with no shared walls, while townhouses share walls with their neighbours. This factor is entirely subjective, and some buyers may prefer a more communal-style living situation that comes with the townhouse.


Security is an essential concern for homeowners. An owner of a single-family home can invest in their security system or measures such as the installation of a monitored alarm. Meanwhile, townhouses benefit from heightened security measures thanks to the proximity and number of neighbours.

Amenity and Lifestyle

The choice of a new home’s lifestyle and nearby amenities is important to the property owner. Single-family homes offer more choices for architectural style and often come with a backyard space, pristine garden, or a pool. This advantage remains unparalleled. However, townhouses offer easy access to shared amenities, such as a community pool, gym, or park.

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Location is a crucial factor when choosing where to buy a home. However, most townhouses are closer to the city centre than single-family homes. In Burlington, ON in 2023, townhouses are mostly located in urban or suburban areas. Meanwhile, single-family homes are typically located in the suburbs, further away from the city centre.

Resale Value

Your new home’s resale value is critical to consider as you may look to sell the property in the future. Although both townhouses and single-family homes can provide excellent resale value in Burlington, ON in 2023, single-family homes have a higher average resale value. This may be due to the exclusive space and architecture that comes with single-family homes.

Rental Potential

Rental potential is another factor worth considering as there may be restrictions on short-term rentals in your area. Townhouses in urban areas typically have a more substantial rental recommendation, thanks to the close proximity to city centre and shared amenities. Single-family homes are suitable for long-term rentals or shared housing with friends and families.

Appreciation Potential

Investing in real estate is also about appreciation potential. In Burlington, ON in 2023, both townhouses and single-family homes have excellent potential for appreciation. The price appreciation between both types of properties mainly depends on the location, property size, and local real estate market trends.

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Choosing between townhouses and single-family homes is a fundamental investment decision. The choice between the two comes down to factors such as budget, space, privacy, security, location, and rental potential. Both types of properties offer their own unique advantages and disadvantages that must be reviewed in detail. Our team at is available to provide more information, share a comparative market analysis for your preferred area and property, and help you make the best choice.


Can townhouses be considered long-term investments?

Yes, townhouses are suitable for long-term investments. Thanks to their affordable pricing and proximity to urban areas, they offer excellent rental potential for long-term investments.

Are single-family homes suitable for short-term rentals?

Single-family homes are not suitable for short-term rentals everywhere. It’s essential to check the local regulations before deciding to offer short-term rentals.

Which property type has more significant resale value, single-family homes, or townhouses?

In Burlington, ON in 2023, single-family homes have a higher average resale value compared to townhouses.

What are the security benefits associated with townhouses?

Townhouses benefit from proximity and shared security measures due to their proximity to neighbours. The security measures installed and effective throughout the community can help improve the security of all residents.

Can I find single-family homes closer to the city centre in Burlington, ON?

While most of Burlington, ON’s single-family homes are situated in the suburbs, you may find single-family homes closer to the city centre, depending on the area. However, they typically come at a higher price point.

Key Takeaways

– Both townhouses and single-family homes are excellent investment options in Burlington, ON.
– Townhouses are typically more affordable, offer lower maintenance, more shared amenities and security when compared directly to single-family homes.
– Single-family homes offer more space and privacy, greater architectural style choice and often have a higher resale value.

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