Are you thinking about moving to Guelph Ontario? I'll talk today about the pros and cons of living in Guelph/Toronto Area !

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Thinking about moving to Toronto Ontario? Well DON’T – at least not until you’ve watched this video about the GTA! Today, we’ll explore what I consider to be the hidden gem of Toronto – the north-west part of the Toronto area. We’ll walk through Guelph and the Neighbourhoods including Grange, University, Hamilton Corner and much more.. That way, you can decide if one of these growing suburbs is a better fit for you!
A lot of people ask us about Milton, Mississauga, Oakville and Georgetown and Toronto itself, but what a ton of people overlook is the North West section of the GTA! A lot of these cities/towns are smaller in scale, but they hold a ton of potential as an investment, and they are far less crowded than Toronto itself. I’ll walk you through each of these top suburbs in this section of Toronto Ontario so that you can decide if a smaller city is right for you. Trust me when I say that you are going to be surprised with what your dollar can get you in many of these awesome cities!

If you’re making a move to the GTA, or if you just have questions about the area, be sure to reach out to me! We help people just like you find the right home in the Toronto Area, and we can help you find a house that fits your wants and needs. You can reach us via phone call, text, email, or even by scheduling a live Zoom call with us!
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