Georgetown Real Estate: Why Your Home Hasn’t Sold & What to Do

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Georgetown Real Estate: Why Your Home Hasn’t Sold & What to Do

Georgetown Real Estate: Why Your Home Hasn’t Sold & What to Do

Living in Georgetown, Ontario can be an incredibly rewarding experience. With devastatingly beautiful views of the surrounding countryside and a vibrant, close knit community, it continues to be one of the most desirable places to live in Canada. However, it can be a difficult process to get a foot firmly on the local property ladder and many sellers in the area find their home on the market for an extended period with no offers.

In this article we will look at the reasons why your home may not be selling and what you can do to help turn the tide and get that all important sale.

Analyse Your Asking Price

Setting the right price for your property can often be the most challenging part of the entire process. Making the price too high can put people off, while making it too low can mean you lose out on potential profit. Research the proper market value of your home and remind yourself of the features it has to offer. If a potential buyer is getting more value for money than they want for the price, then it can be a clear indicator of why your home is staying on the market.

Get an Inspection

Getting an independent inspection of your home can be extremely beneficial to your prospects to selling. Finding any adverse issues with the structure of the home or spotting possible renovation opportunities can help potential buyers feel more comfortable about the purchase, and can help you become competitive with other offers in the area.

Speak To Your Local Real Estate Agents

With their wealth of expertise, experienced real estate agents can give you invaluable advice on helping you sell your home. Speak to local real estate agents and discuss your options with them. They also have direct links to buyers who may already be looking in your area, so they can aide you in the most efficient way possible to get the sale completed.

Boost Your Online Presence

Potential buyers will likely be looking online to decide if they want to view a property. Make sure your online presence is as comprehensive as possible. Make sure to use keywords related to both your property’s features and where you are located, as well as any local amenities. Posting your property on property related websites and local listing services is also a great way to get a buyer’s attention.

Make Your Home Appealing

It’s essential that potential buyers can walk through your home and envision the potential it has, so anything you can do to make the property’s features stand out is really beneficial, things like decluttering, repairing any furniture and even swapping out furniture for a more modern feel all make a difference.


A great way to encourage buyers to picture themselves in the house and make a much-needed sale, is home staging. This is where items are selected very carefully to create a certain look and appeal to a much wider audience. From hiring an experienced stager or just doing it yourself, staging can help seal the deal.

Consider Your Situation

Sometimes it can be beneficial to take the circumstances into account. Offer incentives to potential buyers like contributing to closing costs, throwing in appliances or even helping out with the furniture and décor. You may find yourself pleasantly surprised with the outcome and it may be the extra convincing buyers need.

Stay Competitive

Remember, it’s all about staying competitive in the market. Research other properties in the area and compare your own home’s features to get an idea of how to best advertise what potential buyers are looking for. Knowledge is essential in this type of venture and understanding the comparison of features from your competition, through research, may be the single best way to successfully sell your home.


Selling your home in Georgetown, Ontario can be a difficult, but rewarding experience. The key to making sure you sell your home quickly and for a good price is to properly research and analyze the current market to your advantage. Being familiar with any incentives you can offer, getting an inspection and professional advice, as well as increasing your online presence and staging your home are all great ways to make sure you don’t stay static on the market. By understanding the process and staying competitive you can help guarantee that you get your foot firmly on the property ladder.


Q. Are there any incentives I can offer to potential buyers?
A. Yes, there are a number of incentives you can offer potential buyers, such as contributing to closing costs, throwing in furniture or appliances and helping out with decoration costs.

Q. What areas should I focus on when preparing my home for sale?
A. When preparing your home for sale it’s essential to focus on decluttering, repairing furniture, swapping out furniture for a more modern feel and staging your home.

Q. Is it important to research the local market?
A. Absolutely, researching the local market is essential to making sure you stay competitive and get the best price for your home. Researching other properties in the area to assess your own home’s features is essential to understanding the current market conditions.

Q. Is there an advantage to getting a professional inspection?
A. Yes, an independent inspection of your home can give you invaluable advice on helping you sell your home and will help potential buyers feel more comfortable about the purchase.

Q. Are there any online services I can use to help me sell my home?
A. Yes, there are a number of real estate related websites and local listing services you can use to help make potential buyers aware of your home.

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