News flashes Roundup for February 19, 2021

Ontario will lose 355, 000 jobs in 2020, pertaining to largest decline on record; Authorities passes 2021 budget with a $649-million hole in it and waits to check if other governments will fill the problem;   Ontario extends all desperate orders under the Reopening Ontario Motion until March 21; and more press information:

Council passes 2021 budget using a $649-million hole in it and waits to see if other governments will enter into it (Toronto Star)

Ontario extends all emergency performs under the Reopening Ontario Act at some point March 21 (CTV News)

Private testing program attempts expand rapid COVID-19 antigen course for businesses (Globe and furthermore Mail)

Ontario loses 355, thousand jobs in 2020, single largest downtrend on record: FAO   (CTV News)

A new present for Downsview’?: A new agreement televisions the stage for a massive redevelopment, but some remain wary   (Toronto Star)

The Ontario military has offered a property owner throughout the King City $1 for his or land (CBC News)

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