Packing & Moving Efficiently in 2023: Tips for Home Sellers in Burlington, ON

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Packing & Moving Efficiently in 2023: Tips for Home Sellers in Burlington, ON

Burlington, ON provides an ideal combination of the convenience and amenities of a large city, with a small-town charm and culture. Whether you’re looking to invest in real estate, upsize to more space or just more convenient location, Burlington can be the perfect place to call home. As a bustling and booming city, Burlington also has a thriving real estate market, one that continues to surge and see success stories with each passing year.

If you’re looking to move and transition to a new space in Burlington, you’ll want to make sure it goes smoothly and efficiently. Prepping, packing and moving can be a huge and stressful process, but with the right tips, tricks and guidance, you can make the move go off without a hitch. Lucky for you, the team at The have got some necessary advice and have outlined some handy tips for anyone looking to prep, pack and move efficiently in 2023.

Start Planning Early, Organize an Timetable

From setting a budget to gathering the necessary materials, preparing for a move should never be last minute. Planning ahead and getting organized is always essential; you want every process to be as efficient and stress free as possible, right?

Developing a timetable and checklist is a great way to keep everything organized and on track. Not only will it make the process go by much smoother, it will also help you from feeling overwhelmed and stressed out, especially with the things you may have forgotten or not considered.

Understand Your Current & Future Move Requirements

No two moves are ever exactly the same and understanding the nuances of the whole process can be tricky. How far you’re moving, whether you need an end of tenancy clean and if you might require any help, these are all things you’ll need to consider and organize before you can even begin packing.

Consider the types of items you’re transporting, will you need boxes, bubble wrap or protection for furniture? Do you need storage space and do you need to know where the nearest company might be? Will the items you’re bringing with you fit through doors or staircase, or will you need specialised lifting equipment?

Arrange Insurance & Obtain Quotes

The last thing you want to do is pay out for any extra costs, especially when it comes to moving. Making sure you’re adequately protected and insured is crucial, and since moving companies can be expensive, seeking multiple quotes is always advised. You don’t want to simply take the word of one quote and assume it’s the best; take your time to find the best value option for you.

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Source Moving Supplies & Start Box Packing Immediately

Whether you’re getting professional help or doing the move yourself, one of the most time consuming steps in the whole process is definitely that of packing. So, be sure to source the necessary supplies as early as possible, so that you’re well-prepared and ready to start packing.

Now, where do you begin? Keeping as organised as possible is the best advice, so be sure to continually cateogrise your items. From labelling boxes with destination rooms to bubble wrapping fragile items , these are all things that’ll help you stay organised and stress-free. Lastly, be sure to pack heavy items into smaller boxes, so they’re easy to carry and you don’t burn yourself out carrying massive boxes and furniture.

Organize Moving Help Well in Advance

Asking friends and family members to help with moving day is always a great idea; however, if you think you’ll need extra assistance, make sure to organise it well in advance. When looking for help, take your time to find the best deals and look for referrals or a professional certifications.

Book a Cleaning Service if Necessary

If you’re moving out of a rented property and the end of tenancy clean is not included, be sure you book a cleaning company in advance. It’s never worth risking the loss of your deposit due to a sub par cleaning job.

Pack An Overnight Bag & Label All Boxes

No matter how well organised you are, moving day is always hectic and can be rather chaotic. To help ease some of the inevitable stress, make sure you pack a spare bag filled with essential items; toothbrush, extra clothing, keys, phone charger and toiletries should all be included in your overnight bag.

In addition, be sure to label all of your boxes with their destination rooms. That way, when you arrive at your new home, all of your boxes will be in the right places and all you need to do is put the items away.

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Start Unpacking as Soon as Possible

The unpacking doesn’t have to be done all in one go, but it’s never a bad idea to start tackling it soon. That way, you’ll be more settled and feel more like you’re home quickly – no one wants to live out of boxes for too long.

Set Up Utilities & Wi-Fi Connections

Before you move in and start settling down, make sure to update all of your subscription services with your new address and get your wi-fi provider store up and running. There’s nothing worse than feeling disconnected after a move, so be sure to get your internet services up and running to help ease the transition.

Get to Know Your Neighbors

Depending on how long you intend to stay in your new home, getting to know your neighbours is always a good way to make yourself feel more comfortable, and be a good local resident. Once the moving dust has settled, why not knock on a neighbouring door to introduce yourself? Who knows, you could even meet a new best friend.


Moving home can be a huge process, one that can be filled with stress and chaos if not organized correctly. However, with the right tips, tricks and guidance you can ensure that the whole packing, prepping and moving process goes by effortlessly and efficiently. Be sure to plan and prepare ahead of your move, and don’t forget to pack an overnight bag and label all of your boxes with their destination rooms. Once you’re settled, get to know your neighbours and tend to any necessary follow-ups such as utilities and wi-fi connections.

Good luck, and may your transition be as smooth and stress-free as possible!

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What is the best way to stay organized when packing and moving?

The best way to stay organised when packing and moving is to create a timetable and checklist. Doing this will help you stay focused and make sure you don’t miss any important steps. Additionally, it’s important to categorize and label all boxes so you know where you should put what when you arrive at your new home.

How can I make sure I’m adequately protected when moving house?

Making sure you’re adequately protected when moving house is essential, since you want to avoid any extra costs. Seeking multiple quotes and shopping around for the best deal is always advised, in order to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible. Additionally, make sure you’re properly insured before you move.

How should I label my boxes when packing?

When packing, it’s important to label all of your boxes with their destination rooms, that way you can put the items in the right place when you arrive at your new home. Labelling boxes with what room the items belong to is the best way for you to stay organized.

Are there any added specifics I should consider when packing fragile items?

When packing fragile items, you should be sure to protect them with bubble wrap and padding. Additionally, if you’re packing electronics and gadgets, make sure to keep power cords and other items together, so you don’t have to search for them when you arrive.

What other things should I consider when moving home?

When moving home, you should consider the end of tenancy clean and whether you may require any help. Additionally, you should book a cleaning service if necessary, as well as arrange moving help in advance and set up utilities and wi-fi connections.

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