COVID-19: UrbanToronto Updates from the Industry at February 10, 2021

The global COVID-19 pandemic has far-reaching effects in Toronto, most notably major impacts on what have been flourishing real estate and building industries. Many jobs and most events are currently suspended, delayed, or affected in other ways, truth UrbanToronto is still operating at inclusive strength with our team working remotely. As a means to keep the public in the loop over the shutdowns, we’ll be sharing info and status updates from all through industry on a regular basis.  

In today’s report:   Ontario’s State of Emergency finishes on February 10, Building bizz supports Ontario government’s direction within re-opening the economy,   Vaughan: Executing more than $13 billion in building up construction value since 2010, and also news from the COVID-19 front.

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Government bref and announcements:  

City of Toronto update on COVID-19

Vaughan: Delivering ın excess of $13 billion in building confection value since 2010

Virtual Press Conference: Mississauga’s COVID-19 Update for February eight, 2021

Expense from Markham Mayor Frank Scarpitti in response to COVID-19

Ontario’s State pertaining to Emergency ends on February ett par

Ontario Supporting COVID-19 Response in High Top priority Communities

Ontario Extending Stay-at-Home Order across A lot of the Province to Save Lives

Most private sector/other notices and announcements:

Building industry facilitates Ontario government’s direction on re-opening the economy

TRREB Forecasts Strong Demand for Real Estate on the inside 2021 PLUS January Numbers

Over 40 Ontario unions take next steps in claim against Ford government’s wage discipline legislation

RE/MAX:   Canadian Real Estate: Sudbury Housing industry Sees Record Growth


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Everyone attending from construction workers to broker agents to real estate executives is encouraged to talk about tips on what work and races have stopped, what is proceeding, as well as how their businesses are being affected by the various arrêt.

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