Paris Ontario – Utilities

Moving to Paris, Ontario, you’ll need to set up various utilities to ensure your new home is equipped for daily living. Here are the typical utilities and their contact information:

  1. Electricity: The primary electricity provider in Paris, Ontario, is often Hydro One. You can contact Hydro One for setting up your electricity service:
    • Hydro One:
      • Website: Hydro One
      • Customer Service: 1-888-664-9376
  2. Natural Gas: If your home uses natural gas for heating or appliances, you’ll need to contact the local natural gas provider:
    • Union Gas, a subsidiary of Enbridge:
      • Website: Union Gas
      • Customer Service: 1-888-774-3111
  3. Water and Sewer: Depending on the municipality, you may need to contact the local water utility for water and sewer services. In Paris, it’s often managed by the County of Brant. Contact the County of Brant for details on setting up water and sewer services:
  4. Internet, TV, and Phone: Various providers offer internet, TV, and phone services in Paris, Ontario. Some of the major providers include Bell, Rogers, and Cogeco. You can contact them for details on packages and installation:
    • Bell:
      • Website: Bell
      • Customer Service: 1-866-310-BELL (2355)
    • Rogers:
      • Website: Rogers
      • Customer Service: 1-888-ROGERS1 (1-888-764-3771)
    • Cogeco:
      • Website: Cogeco
      • Customer Service: 1-855-701-4881
  5. Garbage and Recycling: Contact the local municipality or waste management authority to set up garbage and recycling services:

It’s always a good idea to contact these utility providers well in advance of your move-in date to ensure everything is set up smoothly. Additionally, some providers may require specific documents or information, so it’s helpful to have those prepared when you make the calls.

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