Discover Acton: A Beautiful Small Town with Access to Greater Toronto

Acton, Ontario, is a charming and historic small town located 70 km northwest of Toronto, situated between Guelph and Georgetown in the Halton Hills. It offers potential buyers the opportunity to live in a peaceful community with easy access to larger GTA cities. This article will delve into the town’s history, suburban development, and the real estate market in Acton.

 Real Estate in Acton

Acton’s real estate market is perfect for anyone who wants to live in a small town without sacrificing access to Toronto. The town’s location in the Halton Hills affords its residents the chance to experience many sites of natural beauty. The Niagara Escarpment’s distinctive beauty surrounds the countryside that surrounds Acton, full of dynamic landscapes. Acton residents can enjoy these landscapes at nearby conservation areas such as the Rockwood Conservation Area, the Silver Creek Conservation Area, and the Limehouse Conservation Area.

Acton features many suburban-style neighbourhoods extending out from the centre of town to the south and the southwest.

Real estate in Acton offers buyers the chance to live in a charming small town. Furthermore, Acton is a great place to live for anyone who wants to have easy access to Toronto, while still enjoying the peace and quiet of a small town.

Houses in Acton range from historic century homes to newly built modern houses. With a wide range of housing options, there’s something to suit everyone’s needs and preferences. The town’s location in the Halton Hills offers breathtaking views of the Niagara Escarpment, and residents can enjoy many outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and fishing.

When buying a home in Acton, it’s important to work with a knowledgeable and experienced real estate agent. Tony Sousa and the Team at has been serving the GTA area for over 30 years and has extensive experience in the Acton real estate market. Whether you’re buying or selling a property in Acton, our team of experts can help guide you through the process.

Acton is a charming small town located in the Halton Hills, just a short commute away from Toronto. With its rich history, beautiful natural landscapes, and convenient location, Acton is a great place to call home for anyone looking for a peaceful retreat from the bustling city life.

Real estate in Acton offers a wide range of housing options, from historic century homes to modern houses. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell a property in Acton, it’s important to work with a knowledgeable and experienced real estate agent who can guide you through the process.

The History of Acton

The history of Acton began in the 1820s when the Adams brothers settled in the area. They were former travelling preachers who established farms in the region before returning to the preaching circuit. The Adams brothers dammed a local creek, creating a mill pond, now known as Fairy Lake, situated in the centre of the town.

During the 1840s, business people began operating the first tanneries in Acton, and by the mid-1860s, G. L. Beardmore & Co. purchased the largest tannery in town. The company expanded the operation and built employee housing, tennis courts, a bowling green, a golf course, a boathouse, ran a cooperative store, and an outdoor arena for its employees. By the end of the 1860s, Acton had a prosperous period with numerous factories, mills, a foundry, and three hotels. In 1869, Acton had a population of 700.

The Turn of the Century in Acton

After the Grand Trunk Railway arrived in the 1850s, Acton’s businesses grew even larger. In 1908, the GTR built a new station in Acton. During the same period, glove manufacturing became one of the staple industries of the town. W. H. Storey & Son Gloveworks became one of the biggest employers in Acton.

Business people shipped lime, grain, leather, gloves, timber, and livestock on the railway in Acton. By 1910, Acton’s population had swelled to 2,000. During the 1920s and 30s, the Toronto Suburban Railway Company connected Acton to Toronto, making it easy for workers and business people to commute between Acton and the big city.

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Suburban Development in Acton

Acton has retained its small-town atmosphere, and suburban development has not been as vigorous as in other parts of the GTA. After the Second World War, suburbs began to appear in Acton, which was incorporated as a town in 1950, helping the municipality to organize its development.

Later, in 1973, Acton, Georgetown, and the surrounding area were incorporated as the Town of Halton Hills, allowing these communities to pool their resources as they expanded.

Acton lost its rail connection to Toronto over the years. Firstly, the Toronto Suburban Railway Company ceased operation in the 1930s. Secondly, CN rail stopped servicing the town in the 1960s. However, in 2013 GO Transit extended commuter train service to Acton. That is to say, Acton is a prime spot for commuters to call home.


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