Illuminate Your Home Search: Tips to Avoid Poor Lighting in Guelph’s Real Estate Market | 2023 Guide

Are you looking for a new home in Guelph? Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or looking to upgrade, one of the most overlooked aspects of home searching is lighting. Poor lighting can make even the most beautiful home feel dull, uninviting, and downright depressing. As a real estate writer and professional, we know the crucial role of proper lighting when showing homes. In this article, we will provide you with tips on how to avoid poor lighting when searching for your dream home in Guelph’s real estate market.

Choose the Right Time of Day

When it comes to viewing a property, timing is everything. Try to schedule your viewing during the day, in the right season, and with optimal weather conditions. Viewing a property when the sun is out will offer better natural lighting and give you the best possible impression of the space. Avoid scheduling showings later in the evening when it is dark or during harsh weather conditions, such as rain or snow, as this could negatively affect your ability to see the property’s lighting.

Check the Natural Light Sources

One of the essential things to look for in a property is natural light sources. The amount of natural light a house receives can significantly impact your mood and well-being. A house that is poorly suited for its location will have low levels of natural light in the winter months or direct sunlight reflecting into windows in the summer. Before making an offer, ensure that there are enough windows in the house, and the natural light can appropriately flow throughout.

Review Lighting Fixtures and Bulbs

Nothing is more disheartening than investing in a new home and discovering that you need to update all the lighting fixtures. Before making any offers, ensure that all the lighting fixtures are in working order, and there is adequate lighting in each area of the house. If the lighting fixtures are outdated or broken, it can not only impact the lighting but can also be a costly expense to replace.

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Think About Lighting Design

When searching for a home, try to visualize furniture placement and if the lighting fits your design style. If you prefer an open concept, make sure there is ample lighting to give light to the entire room. However, if you prefer a more traditional design style, check that there is sufficient lighting in areas such as the study or reading nook. Discuss lighting solutions with your real estate agent, who may be able to provide you with valuable suggestions on lighting design options.

Consult a Professional

When it comes to assessing the lighting quality of a home, consulting an expert in lighting design or a home inspector can be a wise decision. Guelph offers several professional lighting design consultants and home inspection services that can help identify potential lighting issues in a property. They will also be able to advise on a variety of lighting solutions that can fix potential problems and enhance your home search.


Overall, when it comes to searching for your dream home in Guelph’s real estate market, lighting should not be underestimated. Try to choose the right time of day for viewings, assess natural light sources, review existing lighting fixtures, think about design, and consult a professional. These tips will help you avoid poor lighting and finding the perfect home that aligns with your aesthetic and functional needs.


Can I change the lighting fixtures after buying a home?

Yes, you can change the lighting fixtures after buying a home. However, it is important to note that it can be costly, and it is easier to purchase a home with the fixtures already installed.

How can I test if the lighting is adequate in a property?

One way to assess lighting in a property is to take a camera with you on viewings and take pictures of the space at different times of day. Reviewing the photos later can give you an idea of how the lighting looks throughout the day.

Are there any lighting styles that work better than others for homes in Guelph?

The lighting style that works best often depends on the home’s design style, but some popular options for Guelph homes include modern or minimalist style lighting.

What are some common lighting mistakes to avoid when buying a home?

Common lighting mistakes to avoid include not enough lighting, poor lighting placement, dark spaces, and outdated light fixtures.

Does lighting affect the sale value of a property?

Yes, lighting can impact the sale value of a property. Homes with good lighting sell for on average 20% more than those with poor lighting.

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Key Takeaways

– The right timing for viewing a property can have a major impact on the appearance of its lighting.
– Ensure that there is enough natural light sources to improve your mood and wellbeing.
– Assess existing lighting fixtures and bulbs to make sure that they are all in working order and that each room is adequately lit.
– Consider lighting design to make sure that any light sources are designed to enhance the aesthetics of the space.
– Consulting a professional can help identify potential lighting issues and provide options on how to solve them.

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