2023 Outdoor Living Trends: Spruce Up Your Yard For Summer parties in Milton

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2023 Outdoor Living Trends: Spruce Up Your Yard For Summer parties in Milton

Milton, ON is a great place to call home. The vibrant and diverse range of residents and businesses make this area one of the fastest growing cities in Canada. With an abundance of outdoor activities and beautiful homes, it’s understandable why more people are relocating to this area.

When you’re living in Milton, ON, your home can be a source of pride, and there are several ways to spruce it up for the summer months. No matter the size of your yard, here are some of the top 2020 outdoor living trends that you can use to enhance your property and turn it into the envy of the neighbourhood.

1. Get Creative With Your Deck

One of the simplest yet effective ways to upgrade your home’s exterior is by making a few changes to your deck. You can start with a simple spruce-up by power washing or staining the wood.

If you’re looking to take your outdoor living space to the next level, consider installing a pergola or a gazebo. Strategically placed planters can help you define your living space, while outdoor lighting can make the area look more alive at nighttime. Plus, seating and dining sets can create a cozy outdoor zone for your guests.

2. Create a Luxury Look with Hardscaping

Hardscaping is a cost-effective yet stylish way to elevate the look of your outdoors. For example, you could install brick interlock paving stone that resembles a brick garden path or patio. This creates a more inviting and luxurious area for your guests.

Barriers and retaining walls made out of stone, brick, and other materials can be used to customize your look and create luxurious focal points. These walls are great for marking the boundary of your space and creating a cozy, intimate atmosphere.

3. Consider a Water Feature

A water feature is an excellent way to add a unique touch to your outdoor space and impress your guests. Water features come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can choose one that fits your space and budget. You could opt for a standalone waterfall or fountain, or you could incorporate a pond into your yard.

For a more low-maintenance option, you could install a waterfall wall. This can be an eye-catching addition to any space and help create a soothing atmosphere in the area.

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4. Invest in Lighting

When it comes to outdoor living trends, lighting often gets overlooked. LED and solar-powered lights are a great way to light up your outdoor space. You could use them to highlight beautiful garden features or as an additional layer of security for your home.

Installing lights can also help you extend your outdoor activities at night. With the use of twinkle lights, you can add a magical atmosphere to your yard and create a great experience for your guests.

5. Go Green with Living Walls and Planters

Green walls and planters are a great way to add a touch of nature and color to your outdoor living space. Planting living walls is an excellent way to separate living areas and create an attractive backdrop for your outdoor living space.

You can also add a vertical garden to your backyard, with panel installations that come fully equipped with built-in reservoirs for irrigation and a system for keeping your plants healthy.

6. Add Some Shade

When it comes to enjoying your summer months, shade is essential. Whether you want a permanent or portable option, there are plenty of ways to get shade outdoors. From retractable awnings, to sun sails and umbrellas, you can create a fashionable and functional space.

If you want to add a more permanent solution, you can consider building a pergola or gazebo. These are great options to create extra seating and dining areas in your yard. Alternatively, you can create a covered patio to provide shade and protection from the elements.

7. Incorporate Fire Features

Fire features can be a great way to add warmth to your outdoor living space. Firepits and outdoor fireplaces have been increasing in popularity over the years, and for good reason. They help create an inviting atmosphere and provide a great focal point for your outdoor area.

If you’re looking for convenience, you can consider installing a propane fire pit. As an added bonus, it’s more efficient, requires less maintenance, and is much safer than a traditional wood-burning fire pit.

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8. Create an Entertaining Space

A great outdoor living space isn’t complete without a designated entertaining area. Whether it’s a pool, outdoor kitchen, or outdoor lounge, this is an excellent way to bring your guests together and make the most of your outdoor space.

You can bring together your outdoor space by incorporating a designated entertaining area with furniture, lighting, and other accessories. You can also use a combination of hardscape and greenscape elements to create an oasis-style space.


At the end of the day, the best outdoor living trends are those that fit your needs, style, and budget. Whether you’re installing a water feature or creating an entertaining space, there are endless ways to transform your outdoor space.

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Q. What are popular outdoor living trends in Milton, ON?

A. Popular outdoor living trends in Milton, ON include getting creative with your deck, incorporating hardscaping, adding a water feature, investing in lighting, going green with living walls and planters, adding some shade, incorporating fire features, and creating an entertaining space.

Q. What is the best way to spruce up my outdoor space?

A. The best way to spruce up your outdoor space depends on your needs, style, and budget. You could start with a simple spruce-up by power washing or staining the wood. Alternatively, you could install brick interlock paving stone or build a pergola or gazebo. Additionally, features like a water feature, lighting, shade, and fire features can all help upgrade your outdoor living space.

Q. Is it expensive to transform my outdoor space?

A. Transforming your outdoor space does not have to be expensive. There are plenty of cost-effective ways to enhance the look of your outdoors. You can start with a simple spruce-up by power washing or staining the wood. Additionally, you can incorporate hardscaping, invest in lighting, add some shade, and create an entertaining space without breaking the bank.

Q. Can I create an outdoor living space without professional help?

A. Yes, many people choose to design and build their outdoor living space without professional help. There are plenty of DIY projects that you can do to spruce up your yard, such as powerwashing your deck, adding a water feature, installing lighting, and creating a designated entertaining area. However, for more complex projects, it can be beneficial to hire a professional to help with the design and installation.

Q. What is the best time to start transforming my outdoor living space?

A. The best time to start transforming your outdoor living space depends on your goals and timeline. If you’re looking to make a few simple changes to your outdoor living space, you can begin any time you’d like. However, if you’re planning a more extensive project, it’s best to begin in the spring so you can enjoy the upgraded space during the summer months.

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