Announcement Roundup for February 17, 2021

A gritty piece of Toronto heritage under threars;   Toronto, Peel raise traffic of delaying reopening plans in to face of COVID-19 variants;   Toronto will commemorate those destroyed to COVID-19; and more news:

A major gritty piece of Toronto heritage as little as threat   (Globe then Mail)

Rules for reopening: Something that Toronto and Peel Region university need to know before returning to class found on Feb. 16 (Toronto Star)

Toronto, Peel raise when of delaying reopening plans while face of COVID-19 variants (Globe and Mail)

How many people in Toronto received CERB this? (CTV News)

ONLINE VIDEO MEDIA: Toronto will commemorate those shed to COVID-19 (CP24)

Waterfront East LRT Virtual National Meeting (Steve Munro)

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