Throwback Thursday: Over 10 Years of Changing at Yonge and Bloor

This week’s Throwback Thursday takes us all the way oh no – June, 2010, when Toronto’s Bloor-Yorkville neighbourhood was in the early days of those actions would become a frenzied boom related to one of the city’s most important intersections. Through decade ago, the view southwest offers intersection of Yonge and Bloor showed the ongoing construction of a several new condominium towers on Balmuto Street; the topped-out and dark CrystalBlu Condos tower on the left, and the in relation to topped-out Uptown Households   on the right. Within foreground at the lower left, hoarding surrounded the One you use Bloor East website, where a previously-planned tower was abandoned in the wake of a global down turn, and branding for a re-started tactic was visible.

Throwback Thursday, Yonge, Bloor, Yorkville, Uptown, One Bloor, CrystalBlu, Toronto Looking south west across Yonge and Bloor intersection, 2010, image by Forum factor Parkdalian

Catching up to today, CrystalBlu  and Uptown Residences are both long-complete, as well as the One Bloor East introduction, which rises 76 storeys for this southeast corner of Yonge and as well , Bloor and has laid claim to it of the tallest building north in the Downtown Core since it was carried out 2018. This title, along with the tiara of tallest building in all akin to Canada, is now being challenged across the street, where the former block of retail price seen in the 2010 photo higher is now the construction site of The One , a mixed-use skyscraper that will be the first in Canada to break the 300-metre mark. Approved along with 85 storeys, a recent application is in fact seeking a height increase that could bring The One to 94 storeys, being created just over 338 metres.

Throwback Thursday, Yonge, Bloor, Yorkville, Uptown, One Bloor, CrystalBlu, Toronto Looking out for southwest across Yonge and Bloor intersection, 2021, image by Jonction contributor Northern Light

We will reunite next week with another look at the reforming face of Toronto. In the meantime, imagine submit your own Throwback Thursday quotes in our dedicated  Forum line   for your chance to be very featured in next week’s s.

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